Uptime Calculator (SLA)

Calculate your SLA by entering your current uptime percentage in the box below

The uptime calculator works on its own. Just enter the data, and the calculator will give you reliable results. Plus, the outputs are easy to understand, too. For instance, if your site has a 95% uptime, then it will be down for approximately 1.2 hours a day. This totals to downtime of 36 hours a month.

Enter uptime percentage
An Advertized SLA Uptime Gives The Following Periods Of Potential Downtime / Unavailability
6h 2m 52s
6h 2m 52s
6h 2m 52s
6h 2m 52s

What is Uptime?

Uptime is basically a metric that measures the performance of your service provider. Usually, it is shown as a percentage and shows the time for which the website has been up and running. The greater the percentage, the better it is.

While a lot of web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime, only a few follow up on their claims. With that said, a little downtime is understandable since web hosts need to perform upgrades and maintenance.

About Uptime Calculator

Considering the website when choosing a web host is essential. Most providers offer an uptime of 98% or even higher. Since it is usually given as a percentage, it can be tough for users to understand what it means in terms of hours. However, our calculator makes that task easier. You simply have to enter the numbers, and you will get to know the expected downtime.

Downtime can be detrimental for your business as it can lead to you losing customers. It can negatively affect your search engine ranking, too. However, you must know that no provider can promise 100% uptime or even 0% downtime.

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