Best WordPress Web Hosting Guide [2020]

Guide to WordPress Hosting

Are you a web hosting customer who is wondering if I should get WordPress hosting package?
If so, before making any web hosting purchases, we recommend you to read through this post, so you know what is WordPress hosting, and what is the best WordPress hosting options.

Selecting you WordPress hosting is as important as selecting what domain  name to use for your website. That’s why it is important to spend time doing research on various web hosting provider before deciding who to settle for. This short tutorial on choosing a WordPress hosting hopes to eliminate some of the major pitfalls.

If you have a wordpress site, then you MUST choose a WordPress hosted company.
A wordpress package will be optimised for wordpress.
Most users will start with shared hosting and then scale up to VPS / Dedicated.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the most popular website CMS (content management system) in the market. As WordPress is the biggest CMS in the market, many web hosting companies have chosen to introduce specific WordPress Hosting Packages. These WordPress hosting packages are optimised for users that only want to use the WordPress platform.
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What is WordPress?

WordPress is considered to be the leader when it comes to having high quality blogging software, and is known mainly in the Internet community for being one of the finest when it comes to blogging tools.

It is also multi-functional and can double as a full Content Management System (CMS), and can also be utilized for sites that are set up for e-commerce. This means that WordPress goes far beyond just being a great source for blogging; there are other areas that function in other ways and can be utilized for different purposes.

WordPress is very easy to use, and on average, people can learn to use it and all of its functions quickly. With the help of WordPress, getting a website up and going can be easy because WordPress contains a good-sized library of nothing but varying themes, and a lot of different designs. A person doesn’t have to be an expert or have a lot of knowledge on the subject of SEO to use WordPress effectively, since the software will throw out very helpful codes in its own way. These standard codes can be used for both SEO purposes and for ensuring that a website has the optimal performance that it requires from the beginning.

The obvious versatility and diversity that WordPress has to offer is why it has such a large and faithful following of people. It also has a devout community of both designers and developers who are there to help them. WordPress has inspired many people, and it will continue to do so as time goes by. It is a unique kind of software that has genuine power and tends to inspire others in today’s high-tech world.

WordPress is dual software, and as dual software, is very capable of performing a lot of different tasks when it comes to blogging and web hosting.

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WordPress Hosting Benefits:

  • Improve wordpress speed.As wordpress hosting accounts are specifced for wordpress. Including additional RAM and caching settings.
  • Dedicated wordpress support.WordPress hosted account typically come with support from expert wordpress staff
  • Automated backups and updates for WordPress.The web host will auto schedule important wordpress updates
  • Security.Typically wordpress hosted accounts add extra security levels.
  • WordPress ToolsMost wordpress hosts offer additional development tools like backup staging and fast caching.

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What to look for in a WordPress Hosted Package:

  • 1-click InstallerWordPress one click install installation via a control panel like cPanel
  • Experienced WordPress dedicated support team.Does the web hosting offer specificed wordpress support team?
  • Minimum of PHP version stated wordpress should be run on minimum of PHP 5.7. For additional performance look for PHP 7
  • FREE WordPress BackupsDoes your web host offer free backups on your wordpress website?

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Type of WordPress Hosted Packages:

  • Free WordPress HostingGreat for students, beginners, and testing.
  • Shared WordPress HostingMost popular option. Great for small businesses and starting bloggers
  • WordPress VPS HostingMedium businesses, high traffic, and developers.
  • WordPress Dedicated Server HostingGreat for high traffic blogs/developers.
  • Managed WordPress HostingThis type of package will only allow WordPress sites.

  WordPress Hosting Tip – Around 25% of all websites are running on the WordPress platform.
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What do recommend for Web Hosting?

To run WordPress officially recommend web host to support:

  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • HTTPS support
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WordPress Hosting FAQs:

What are the Minimal Requirements for WordPress Web Hosting?

According to, your web host should have:
  • Apache server
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.2.4 or higher

Which Web Hosts are recommended by

Bluehost, Siteground & Dreamhost recommended webhosts recommended web hosts

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

In general, wordpress hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. Packages range from $20+/m.

Why WordPress hosted?

1. The web hosting package is optimised for WordPress only. Improve speed, security, and management for WordPress.
2. Most wordpress hosted companies offer dedicated wordpress support.
3. Automated backups and updates for WordPress

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a generic term to describe web hosting packages which are focused on WordPress ONLY.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is any hosting that supports WordPress CMS system

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Best WordPress Hosted Packages: recommended webhosts recommended webhosts
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Best WordPress Hosting

 Rating1-click InstallWP supportWP PerformanceWP UpdatesOffers
InMotion Wordpress Plan
InMotion Wordpress Plan
wordpress host review 3
Editors Choice Award
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 56% OFF
More details on the InMotion
SiteGround Wordpress Plan
SiteGround Wordpress Plan
wordpress hosting review
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 60% OFF
More details on SiteGround
1and1 Wordpress Plan
1and1 Wordpress Plan
wordpress hosting review 3
- 1st year Domain FREE
More details on 1and1

wordpress host review
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 40% OFF
More details on GoDaddy

Dreamhost Wordpress Plan
wordpress hosting review 3
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 20% OFF for 3 year plan
More details on Dreamhost
Bluehost Wordpress Plan
Bluehost Wordpress Plan
wordpress hosting review 3
- 1st year Domain FREE
More details on Bluehost
HostGator Wordpress Plan
wordpress hosting review 3
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 43% OFF
More details on HostGator
iPage Wordpress Package
wordpress hosting review 3
- 1st year Domain FREE
More details on iPage
  1. what is difference between normal web hosting and wordpress hosting?

    • Jeremy,

      Per the name, wordpress hosting can only host wordpress website. You CANNOT add normal HTML or other type of websites.
      Plus you will get access to a dedicated wordpress support team and wordpress tools (like caching)


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