Guide to Web Hosting Reselling [2019]

What is a web hosting reseller solution?

A web hosting reseller solution is a type of web hosting user account, which allows the user to create different subaccounts that can be resold to different clients. This is typically carried out by supplying the user with access to a master reseller web hosting account, through which he can set up separate hosting accounts using the web storage space offered by the web hosting reseller package, for which he pays a certain price. This is a lot similar to the shared hosting service and just like it, with most reseller programs, numerous reseller accounts share one single server and are not furnished with complete server root access to the server config files. Such reseller web hosting programs are typically not that expensive. Yet, they do hinder the hosting resellers from reselling other sorts of hosting services except for shared plans.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that gives you access to wholesale server resources and the tools and resources needed to build, market and maintain your own web hosting business.

Various types of reseller web hosting solutions

Web Hosting Reseller Plans

Apart from the aforementioned way of reseller hosting plans, there are also a few other setups that work just as good. Yet, they vary with respect to the levels of participation and the number of resources that each one of the demands.

As mentioned above, the most common method of reselling hosting services offers you restricted alternatives and you risk losing your funds if things don’t work out. Due to this reason, bigger hosting firms such as provide different methods of selling hosting accounts without the need to pay for anything in advance, or to even be involved in the provision of technical and billing support. With their hosting reseller program, the web hosting reseller registers for free and determines his own personal retail prices for the solutions, which are being sold directly from his web store. Since billing transactions are handled by Resellers Panel’s personnel, the client does not need to purchase the web hosting service upfront. He’s just going to obtain the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price in the form of a commission.

The web hosting reseller also has the chance to offer hosing services like VPS server hosting plans, semi-dedicated server plans and dedicated web servers. More or less, his job involves advertising the service and offering support to the end users and with web hosting providers that do not demand preliminary fees and deal with the invoicing and customer support provision, the only assignment left for the reseller will be to popularize his private brand’s online store. Another possibility will be to set up different user accounts on a private virtual web hosting server, or on a dedicated web server. With most hosting suppliers, you may obtain those two hosting hosting services with a cPanel, DirectAdmin, or another hosting CP, already installed on them. That will enable you to set up different shared web hosting plans and exert absolute control over both the customers and the web hosting server itself. Furthermore, on a dedicated web server, you may set up various virtual server accounts and offer them to your customers.

One dedicated server may accommodate thousands of private virtual web hosting server accounts, based on the web server’s configuration. This will enable you to deliver a greater variety of web hosting solutions to your customers, which will offer you more alternatives when popularizing your online store. Certainly, utilizing a virtual private hosting server or a dedicated web hosting server for reseller hosting goals is much more expensive than using a conventional reseller hosting user account. This is the reason why, this possibility should be contemplated only on condition that the reseller has enough ability and experience required to manage a web server, otherwise it’s advisable to either opt for a normal hosting reseller program, or for the abovementioned Free Reseller Program offered by Resellers Panel, which requires less involvement from the hosting reseller.

Becoming a hosting reseller and starting your own web hosting company does not require any skill or previous experience, and many people have had success building their own clients base of web hosting customers in very little time.

One of the main aspects of becoming a successful hosting reseller is choosing the right plan that will accommodate your needs and give you the lowest price.

In most cases, the most expensive hosting plan will provide the cheapest server resources, as in every other industry, when you buy in bulk you get more for less. Premium reseller hosting plans differ greatly from their less-expensive counterparts, and the following attributes are considered to be the most important features offered with premium reseller hosting plans.

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Reseller Web Hosting Factors

Site Building and Branding Tools

Perhaps the most important aspect of establishing a successful web hosting business is the creation and branding of your web site, which will ultimately be responsible for marketing your hosting services. Fortunately, premium reseller hosting plans include site builders that let you design professional web sites with ease using thousands of templates and a plethora of web development tools geared towards novices.

After the site is created, you can then develop your own custom logo, and even design a custom control panel for your clients. Setting yourself apart from the competition is imperative when marketing your hosting services, which is why branding is so important. Some hosting providers even include hundreds of brandable video tutorials for your hosting clients, which greatly reduce the burden of providing excessive and unnecessary customer support.

Automated Billing and Personalized Plans

Being able to automatically bill your clients on a monthly basis is absolutely imperative when you have a lot of customers to take care of, especially if you’re in the practice of providing personalized hosting plans. When all of your plans are uniquely designed to meet the needs of your customers, it can become quite confusing at the end of the month when it is time to bill each customer correctly.

Fortunately, premium reseller hosting plans not only let you design custom plans that can accommodate the specific requirements of your clients, they also let you input customer billing details for automatic fund collection via email at the end of each specified billing period. In fact, the entire billing, payment and receipt issuing process is completely automated via the inter gated resources offered with your premium reseller hosting plans.

Unlimited Features

When purchasing a premium hosting plan it is also very important to make sure you have access to unlimited features so that the expansion of your hosting business is not hindered. Some of the unlimited features offered with premium reseller plans include unlimited domains, sub domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and unlimited control panel accounts for your clients. With premium reseller hosting plans starting at only $100 per month, and all of the aforementioned features included, it wouldn’t make any sense to settle for less.

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