Web Hosting Provider Checklist [2020]

Web Hosting Company Checklist

  1. Company Stability Has the company experienced growth in the last 12 months or conversely suffered a negative business event?
  2. Does the company have a strong, experienced executive leadership team?
  3. Does the company own its own data centers?
  4. Does the company use Tier 1 providers for network access?

Web Hosting Product Checklist

  1. Does the company support a variety of hosting products and services that can meet the ever-changing needs of your projects?
  2. Have there been any new products developed in the last 12 months?
  3. Do the products include the most up-to-date security and performance software?
  4. How old is the hardware/software being used? Does a cheaper price mean that they utilize older or refurbished hardware?
  5. How compatible and flexible are the products? Do they work with a wide variety of plug-ins? Do they support a variety of operating systems and applications?

Web Hosting People Checklist

  1. Do customers have around-the-clock access to highly- trained, certified technicians?
  2. Can you talk live to someone about your issue same day?
  3. Are you given multiple methods of contact for support?
  4. Does the company charge for support?
  5. Do they own their own infrastructure and are they on-site with the servers
  6. Do they have a team dedicated to helping you migrate data? Will they do it for free?
  7. What do current customers say about the customer service? Ask for data.
  8. Promises Does the company provide performance and customer service guarantees?

Web Hosting Uptime Checklist

  1. What is their track record on uptime? What service level agreements are in place in the event of an outage?
  2. Does the company have flexible agreements and pricing or are you locked into contracts?
  3. Does the company have a high net-promoter or satisfaction score (do current customers recommended them)?

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