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Choosing the right web hosting service provider is very vital to the success of your website. However, it’s not always easy to find a web hosting good company when there are so many of them around.

We at comparethehosts.com have used the following considerations below to help you find a great provider that can give you the exact services you need.

1. Affordability
An ideal web hosting company is one that offers quality services at an affordable rate. Know the average price in your area and avoid providers that are overcharging. Only consider the ones that fit with your budget. But be careful of web hosts that are extremely cheap but offer unsatisfying services, because in the end you’ll only wasting your money and looking for another one. A company with the perfect balance of quality and affordability is the kind of service provider that you should hire.

2. Amazing Features
Next thing you’ll want to look at are the features that your potential provider offers. Most web hosting companies have different package types, so go ahead and select the plan that includes the specific services you want for your website. Some of the top features that you should look for are high-speed bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain and subdomain names, website security, spam protection, website management tools, autoresponders, multiple e-mail addresses, 24/7 technical support and a 90-day money back guarantee.

3. Positive Feedback and Reputation
Your chosen web hosting company must also be of good reputation. You can check for reviews online of your top candidates and find out what clients have to say about the quality of their performance. Naturally, you want to avoid those with negative feedback and stick with companies that have high ratings. For a safer choice, you should get referrals from your friends and family so you’ll be with a web host that you can really trust.

Once you find all these factors in a potential web hosting company, then that’s the sign that you’re done with your search. Contact the provider at once so you can begin enjoying the incredible services and finally get your website up and running.

Web hosting companies by Comparethehosts.com ranking:

Hosting PlanOur RatingProsCons


Editors Choice Award
+ SSD drives
+ 90 Day Guarantee
+ 1st year Domain FREE
+ 1st year 56% OFF
- No Windows servers
- Basic Web builder
- Expensive for smaller sites.
- USA servers only


Editors Choice Award
+ Recommended by Wordpress.org
+ SSD drives
+ 30 Day Guarantee
+ 1st year 53% OFF
- Bandwidth and Webspace limits
- No Free Domain

+ Low-cost hosting
+ Free SSL & HTTPS
+ Linux or Windows-based servers
- No Web chat Support
- Custom control Panel


+ Largest hosting Company
+ Global data centers
- Paid Backup

+ Amazing 97 day Moneyback Period
+ Windows-based servers
- Lack of discounts
- More Expensive than average

+ Recommended by Wordpress.org- $99 Domain Transfer fee

+ Free Website Transfer
+ 45 Days Moneyback
- $19 backup retrieve fee

+ Very Cheap Packages
+ WorldWide Datacenters
+ Free Sitelock security
- No Monthly plans
- Expensive Domain Name ($15)

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  1. What is best web hosting company for a medium sized business? We dont want the really cheap hosting.

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