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Google, of course, offers just about every service imaginable on the web. From chat to social networking to blogging, the name is everywhere. Google is the leading search engine on the Internet to the point that the gerund “Googling” has evolved to simply mean looking something up on the web. The search engine giant currently offers web hosting services. They may or may not be appropriate for your uses.

The number one advantage of the Google web hosting services is the option to have a free website. This is usually not suitable for someone who wants to have a site setup specifically for commercial concerns, however. While a paid host, obviously, will cost you money every month, it also comes with better tech support and more access to the people who actually run the services. There are also more options for expansion and alternate web hosting packages, such as dedicated hosting, that will become necessary for businesses that become very successful on the web.

Google hosting offers a selection of premade themes, or templates, for your site. These are fine but, with a paid web host, there are usually more options available. If you want to make sure that you have the largest selection of templates available, you can use any of the content management systems usually included with web hosting services. These include Joomla! and WordPress, as well as other products. They offer more themes and, because there are many different third-party theme manufacturers out there, you may find that you can get a theme that is exactly what you had in mind without having to hire a professional designer to take care of it for you.

Google web hosting does have its advantages, particularly if you just want something that’s free, easy to set up and that can handle a lot of traffic. Most of the paid web hosts offer quite a lot in the way of free services, as well, and this can sometimes be a good way to try before you buy.

According to Google Webmaster Answers – Google Suggest 7 Points for Great Web Hosting:

  • Uptime
  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Additional Services & Features

Google Webmaster Answers 

Uptime: Uptime is the amount of time servers belonging to your hosting provider are up and running. Any hosting provider can go down sometimes but you want to find a provider with very little downtime so visitors can almost always see your website.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth shows how much data your site can send to the rest of the internet and determines how much traffic your site can support. Some hosting providers limit the bandwidth available to your website while others allow unlimited access.

Security: Familiarize yourself with safeguards the hosting provider sets in place to protect your site from external vulnerabilities. Understand if support will be offered when a security issue arises, such as if your site is hacked or infected by malware.

Customer support: If something goes wrong with your site, you’ll want good customer support to resolve any issues quickly.

Price: Hosting providers charge a wide range of prices; some are even free. You need to balance how much you’re willing to pay with the services you’ll receive in return.

Ease of use: Make sure the user platform is intuitive and easy to use for your needs. If you’re creating a site yourself, is it easy to get started or do you need to have advanced setup knowledge?

Additional services and features: Make sure the hosting provider offers the things your website may need, such as email accounts.

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  1. I see that google have a simple Hosting Providers Worksheet PDF at //storage.googleapis.com/support-kms-prod/DVPN5RwdjgVUUSD3vk3BH7tHoJFITntuTegz
    might be useful for other web hosting users.

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